Welcome to After Dark Trading, the Middle East’s leading distributor and applicator for premium solar protection and car care products.

We are a leading distributor and professional applicator for premium car care products and services, being the master distributor of the cutting edge Grafite Window Film, which will provide superior protection against the negative effects of solar heat, making your home, workplace or vehicle a more livable space.

We are also the Middle East’s master distributor for the world’s leading brand in Nano paint protection, Selopro. Manufactured in Germany, Selopro is a special nano coating which, when applied to a painted surface will give a superior shiny, silky smooth finish. Cars, planes and yachts treated with Selopro benefit from an invisible protection against harsh weather and deep long-lasting colour, superior to polish or wax and comes with a 5 year guarantee.

Our services and solutions will provide total protection to all types of automotives, commercial and residential buildings under one roof. Our highly trained professionals will tailor make a solution to meet your requirements.

We also provide an expanding range of related products and services.