Unique Protection Systems For Your Vehicle

Aftedark distribute leading products to designed to protect you and your vehicle. Our passion is beautiful vehicles and the maintenance of those vehicles, a passion which our customers share.

Your vehicle whether that be a car, yacht or plane represents a significant investment, and whether that vehicle is to be used for business or pleasure we are certain that you will want to strive to maintain your vehicle’s, showroom appearance, and provide the maximum level of comfort for you and youy passengers.

Our products fall into two categories:

1. Solar Protection Utilizing Unique Ceramic Technology

Our solar protection products protect you an your passengers from harmful solar rays. It's first of a kind ceramic nano technology rejects 90% of infra red with cool black film specifically designed for the middle east environment.

2. Vehicle Finish Protection Systems

Our paint protection products are designed to protect your investment by maintaining the appearance of your vehicle whilst simultaneously decreasing your maintenance costs and reducing the time required to maintain your vehicle.From new it is an on-going battle to maintain your vehicle’s appearance, and with the best will in the world, appearances fade, in extreme weather conditions, whether that be heavy rain, or strong sunlight the finish of your vehicle will be compromised. Our product is designed to negate that effect whilst reducing the time and effort required to keep your car clean. Using our product means that you use less water to clean, which of course means less effort on your part - a benefit duly welcomed by most. Our products are equally effective in improving the condition of second-hand vehicles, giving old paintwork a new lease of life.

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